Organic wine… is a hot topic… The term “organic wine” describes a wine that meets the European specifications of 2012. This designation is regulated and requires that the wine be produced using a production process that complies with the principles of organic farming in the vines and in the cellar.
The vine must be grown organically to produce certified organic grapes, and vinification must also be carried out with products from certified organic farming only.
It ensures that the vines have not been treated with chemicals, pesticides or herbicides, which requires more mechanical work and favours natural inputs. The regulation specifies that organic wines are obtained from organic agricultural raw materials: grapes, sugar, concentrated must, rectified concentrated must, alcohol.
At Château Suau, we respect a double specification, European and American (NOP), which, combined, greatly limits the possible inputs.
And who better to talk to you about his world than an organic vineyard? How is an organic vineyard managed? What are the treatments to which we are entitled? What type of winemaking? We also talk to you about the organic wine market, its evolution, trends… But we also tell you where to find good organic wines everywhere in France…
So don’t hesitate any longer… if you have any questions about organic wine, it’s this way!

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